Working process

Click to enlargeThe blowing

The mixtures are prepared for the fusion in refractory ovens with temperatures near 1300 degrees. When the glass is fused, it is taken out in the traditional way and blown in wood-moulds, hand-modelled and tempered.


Click to enlargeEngraving with pantograph

The stemwares and the tumblers are completely covered with fused wax and dried up. Then, they are placed on the needle-pantograph that scratches the dried wax, realizing in this way the wished pattern.
Now the glass is dipped for few minutes in the acid tub.
The acid engraves where the needles have acratched the wax.
The last processing is the washing in hot water to remove the remaining wax.
The above described phases take the name of "true engraving".


Click to enlargeDecoration with noble metals

The final work- process is the decoration. This is entirely hand-made with brushes. The Master Artisan embroiders the patter for the true engraving with gold or silver, exalting the beauty and the outline of the article.
Finally the glasses are cooked again in refractory ovens at elevate temperatures to fix the gold and let it became bright. The quality control and packing conclude the work process.